Philippa's suggested starter kit for quilting:

A medium sized, good quality cutting mat. e.g. 17" x 22" approx

A 45mm Olfa rotary cutter RTY-2/G (just the basic version - no fancy added bits) plus some spare 45mm blades

Omnigrid 6 1/2 inch square quilters ruler
Omnigrid 6 x 24" quilters ruler

70/10 Universal or Microtex sewing machine needles
Bottom line 60 weight thread for the bobbin

If your machine likes it use Bottomline in the top as well, or
100 weight silk in the top (expensive) or Aurifil 50/2 Cotton (budget)

Pins - Clover/Bohin 0.4mm glass headed pins
Hand sewing/Embroidery needles size 9 or 10

Karen Kay Buckley scissors - blue medium sized, micro serrated ones

We are assuming you already have a sewing machine :D